Exciting plans for Summer 2011 at The Hoopoe!

We have got lots of exciting plans for next summer which are going to be keeping us very busy over the winter.


The pretty courtyard full of lavender next to the pool, between the three yurts, is going to become another area for guests.  It used to be our home, and when we moved up the hill to our “yurt palace” three years ago, it then became the staff area, but this year we are going to open it up to the guests.  The one drawback we have had in the past is that we have never had an indoor area for guests to congregate on the cooler (and occasionally wet) nights at the beginning and end of the season.  This year, however, we are going to extend one of the pergolas in the courtyard, and this will become a bar.  It will be completely weatherproof, with a log burning stove.  As well as the bar area, it will have room for a dining table, for the nights that the open air dining pergola by the pool feels a bit chilly .  There will also be a loo! which for guests in the Safari and Mongolian yurts will make life much easier!


The 21 foot yurt in the courtyard will be another indoor area for the guests, with comfortable low Moroccan style seating, a log burning stove, a library and lots of games.


In place of one of the smaller yurts in the courtyard, we are going to build a circular plunge pool, with seating around the sides, where you will be able to cool off with a drink, right next to the bar.  It will have a wooden deck with sunbeds fanning out around the outside, and be surrounded with aromatic plants.

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